Emotional overload

Emotional overload

Hi All

So my last blog was inspired by a group founded by a friend i lost contact with for about 40 years. Long story short for those not wanting to read the previous blog is that on returning home from school one day my mother got me into the car and we moved away as my parents had decided to split. It was sure better than watching or listening to them fight all the time. The downside was that my friends had no idea, nor did they have a way to contact me. parents being parents gave me the age old speech about making new friends at the new school. frankly not what i wanted to hear nor did it happen.

So over time i forgot names or they were stored deep in the memory. I missed these people. They were the first people outside of the family that i had bonded with and ok maybe at the time i did not realise how much they meant to me, but over the ever growing years i sure found that out.

The thing is i blamed and still do, but less so now, i blamed myself for losing contact. i often thought was there more i could have done to let them know i was ok and an address to write to. I guess to this day that still haunts me and is a demon in the cupboard so to speak.

Anyway 2016 was no great year, but things could have been worse. then i get a friend request on Facebook from a name i instantly remembered as an old school friend. I could not believe it, what was even more strange is that he was friends with my cousin and had been for years without even knowing the connection. obviously did not interrogate her enough when boozing haha

Again long story short (read my other blogs haha) some blasts from the past came back into my life as facebook friends after 40 years! To my shame some of them i remembered, some i just remembered their names and most shocking of all some names did not even register, but they remembered me so that was good enough. After all how many people do you know with my name, was then and still is well fat and whose dad ran the pub just down the road from the school? sort of narrows it down quite a bit

Most of these friends went like i did to Highdown School


a bit different today than in my day for sure.

One of my friends recently invited me to join a Facebook group for those from Caversham Primary school and also those who then went to Highdown. i joined thought i might catch up with one or 2 others from my past. It dont happen all that often, but i was wrong and sizeable amounts of old friends and some new ones too came back or into my life through this group. for this i am grateful beyond words, but it has brought back not just good memories, although mostly them, but at least one other nagging one. the guilt of not trying more to get in contact back in the day with friends. how different my life would have been with at least some of them as pen pals.

I love the group and all that goes on within it. for me its like being back at school again with all the banter and talk about this and that of the day and it emotionally makes my heart sing for the most part. Oh and believe me its better my heart sings than i do as i have a voice that can clear a room in moments haha.

one thing is when i am talking with some of them i am talking like i would with people i have been friends with all the time and not with a 40 year gap in between. With that the old guilt come back with the what ifs. Believe me it will not change me within the group and with my new found old friends and the new friends i did not know from back then.

The thing is i was told something this morning that has pushed me into emotional overload or meltdown not really sure which. He told me that a few days after i stopped going to Highdown him and a couple of friends stumped up the courage and went and knocked on the door of my dad’s pub.

He told them i would not be going back to the school and that he would inform the school in due course. What he did not do was ask them if they wanted an address or telephone number to contact me. To add insult to injury he never told me either that they had come asking about me. Maybe if i had known then maybe it would have been a catalyst for me to write to the class where the teacher could have given out an address to any who wanted it.

Since i read that my head has been spinning and re running any and all possibilities if he had given out the address or if i had sent it knowing that my friends were concerned as to what happened

So this evening i am staying away from the group. left a message to say its nothing much and be back soon. Then i settled down and do what i always do. I write and in this case blog. Cant say my head is right now, but its easier. Before i took to writing i would vent in other ways like hitting the bottle and what a mistake that really was.

To you my friends know this. One day i will come back for a visit or more and to each and every one i will hug you and tell you what you mean to me now and to those from back in the day, what you meant to me then.

I love you all






My earlier school years

This blog is inspired by an old friend, who i lost contact with some 40 years ago. After having invited me to join a Facebook group about my early schools, memories have come flooding back, well as much as they will to this old git. HAHA

My second school was Emmer Green Primary.  During my school life i was never a fan of either school life or teachers, but from this school came 2 of my 3 favourite teachers in Mr Edwards and preceding him Mrs Davis.

While at this school i made some friends, got a punch in the mouth a couple of times, once from a now friend, oh and it was a good shot, split my lip and everything! and i had my first ever crush, but more about her in a minute.

A couple of things i remember from the school were these. firstly we were called down and plonked in front of a tv to see concord fly. it was deemed very special, having seen it we then had to make balsa wood gliders to look like it. The other thing was Mr Edwards. not the normal good morning sir or anything like that when he called your name out. Each one of us had to say good morning in a different language. To this day i can still say good morning or hello in about 12 different languages from back then. As we were class 2 he always used to make us use a motto  “Second to none”. i think this was to make us feel like we were as good as class 1.

OK so my crush. She was in the year above me. A very pretty young lady and my day was made when i would see her. Problem? i was so painfully shy i could not speak to her. i mean not even to say hello. Still my day was the best ever when i saw her. I think she sort of knew as she would always give me a smile, at which point i would pretty much dissolve into nothing. Her name? Sally Smart.

In later life around the age of 19, i worked in my dad’s pub. She came into the pub with her parents some times and on a New Years eve, well day as the chimes of midnight had just sounded she called me to the side of the bar. She gave me a kiss and wished me a Happy new year. I wished her the same. to this day i remember it like it happened just now. I was happy, felt sick, elated, shy, embarrassed, jelly legged and wanted it to happen all over again. That was the last time i saw her as not long after i left working for my dad and his evil second wife. I dont know what happened to Sally and often wonder where she is now. thing is if we were friends now could i talk to her yet? or why the shyness kick in again? dont know for sure, but i would love to find out.  If anyone could put us in contact again i would be grateful.


Anyway when i moved onto secondary school, Highdown, Sally had gone to another school. But i tried my best. Some of my friends from Emmer green went there too, but most were in different classes. I was bullied here not just by a couple of kids, but by the sports teachers to a degree too. I am sure they thought they were just trying to stop me being fat, but there is a big difference from encouragement and bullying.

During my time at this school i started to really bond with my friends. I dont want to name names as i dont want anyone to feel different after reading this.

With some of these friends i went to see my first film without my dad. not that he ever watched them just slept through them just to keep me happy to say i had seen the film. But then came Star Wars! so a small group of us went together to the Odeon  cinema to see it. something like the 13th week it had been on. This for me was a game changer, not the film as such although its still a great film but because of the first time i saw it was the first time i had done something like that as a group of friends. Guys you know who you were and i thank you for that life experience. It is still very dear to me all these years on.

A problem was soon to happen. my parents had been fighting and it was getting worse. To the point that i came home from school and was basically told to get into the car we were going. We had a house on Hayling Island to go to. i remember saying “but what about my friends?” i was told i would make new ones. i did not want new ones just to keep in contact with the old ones. This loss of contact with them haunted me throughout my life.

In 2016, one of them sent me a friend request on Facebook. to say that it was a bolt from the blue is an understatement. What made it all the more strange is that he was Facebook friends with my cousin Paula! This started a chain reaction and for a while a steady flow of my old friends and memories came back to me.

I find it shameful on my behalf that my memories of them are not more and some i only just about remember the names. surprise there as i am rubbish at remembering names haha. I have to say that when they came back into my life i did get rather emotional to the point of crying myself to sleep a couple of times.

Recently Jamie invited me to join his Facebook group that looked back at these school years. remembering a couple of names more from the past and seeing some of the old photos. memories and i thank you all for allowing me to be a part of them again.


Over the years as we all do i have made other friends, some good some bad and some…. (no dont fill in the blank) haha I dont have many friends that i can or do call good friends and maybe i dont talk with them enough, but believe me i can and love you all, yes the guys too. A lot of you have gotten me through tough times, even if you did not know you were doing it. My battles have been tough and at times can still be difficult, but a simple “Hi hows you?” well it can make a huge difference. I say again, I Love You All!


Thailand, officials and Ferang (non Thais)

Having recently had to deal with several different government offices here in Thailand, i wish to share what i have found.

Recently my bank changed their rules and now require me to be on the home registration. 2 years ago we tried this and i needed a certified copy of my birth certificate. according to them and the translation people back then i can get this at the British Embassy in Bangkok. This is completely wrong. for a certified copy you have to send to the UK. then when it comes back you then have to send it to the Royal Thai Embassy in London, although the British government nor the Royal Thai Embassy in London will tell me as to why, after all it has to be translated here and then legalised to prove the translation is correct. Oh and when you send these things to the UK you MUST! send by DHL or people like that. so to get an official copy of a birth certificate will end up costing around £100 despite me having the original including my adoption certificate here with me. I did ask the foreign office before i moved here if i would need it and was told no.

So this time before going to try again to get me on the house register, my Thai wife phoned their call centre help line. they said we only need a translated official copy of my passport. We did this and along with 2 witnesses we went to the government office to get me on the home register. the thing being as we have found out before. is that ALL! Thai government offices do things their own way. they dont give a crap what central government say they will do things their own way. Yes again they asked for the Birth certificate copy. we still dont have one as really there is no benefit to being on the Thai home registration. The boss man there relented a little and said as long as we had a translation of the certificate it was ok.

So off we went to get this done. when we got to the legalisation centre which is the closest place to get translations, more problems arose. first the translation people would not do it because we did not need it legalised. ever think they are getting kick backs? then we found 2 companies that would do it but because it has to be an official copy they would not do it, but i can get a copy from the British embassy in Bangkok. I explained that this is a service they have not done for 3 years. for this i was called a liar! Anyway eventually someone did do us the copy and back off to the local government office we went.

Back at the office we waited in line again. eventually it was our turn. we handed over the translated birth certificate. We were then told the boss will have to deal with it because its not an official copy nor legalised, even though he said that was ok. we have now been told that rather than done on the day we now have to wait up to a month! What gets my goat most of all? Thais dont need a birth certificate as my wife does not have one!

It is not just local government offices that change from one to another its also places like Immigration offices. now to me this one should be standardised. it should be the same for everyone needing a visa, but far from it.

I know a South African man who is on the same spouse visa as me. ok so they dont have kids yet, but all the same. they need half the paperwork that i need, half the photos i have to supply, and on the day they apply they get the visa. with me i have to wait to get mine for 6 to 8 weeks! As do all who get visas at the office i use unless they are retired which is a different visa here and is double the money in the bank that you cant touch in any way shape or form.

It is said that Thais love Ferang (non Thais) Oh they do or at least your money. they perceive that if you are European or American or an Anzac they you are beyond loaded. The moment that they know you dont have money most wont even give you the time of day, unless you are ok being regarded or treated as the lowest of the low.

Prime example. my neighbour starts playing loud music at 5am every day while he getting ready to go and sell food. my wife said to him about it and all we got was a load of verbal abuse. but if during the day while walking on the treadmill i put some music on just loud enough for me to hear while walking, he will come round and get really crappy again. so as far as he is concerned as long as i sit inside and do nothing i am welcome here, but otherwise go back to where i come from. Thais can be just as racist as others in other countries.

Think that is a one off? i can give you dozens of other incidents not just with me but with a few other ferang i know. Basically no money no interest so go home.

It is perceived that Thais and in particular Thai Buddhists dont tell lies. OK i agree some dont, but most do!


Sorry this is not an upbeat blog, but i dont sugar coat things like i ask anyone who comments also not to do, but then frankly as very few do comment hardly worth saying. Thank goodness i write this for me and not for anything else. People also seem to forget that this blog site tells me when people read the blogs and what country they are in, so dont be telling me you have read it if you have not, but remember i dont care if you do or not. If you did, and by putting this at the bottom i know who has, if you did thank you.

Will there be another blog? Who knows or cares?





4 offices in 1 day!

4 offices in 1 day!

OK so yesterday (when writing this) 21/03/2017, was a day when i needed to do 4 offices in Thailand in 1 day. British Embassy, translation,legalisation and local government. Here is the story of that day. Dont expect too many jokes.

OK so an early start. due to an early appointment at the British embassy.


This is the Embassy on Wireless road in Bangkok.

Anyway as i said an early start. this is because driving into the city will show you an new level of traffic. If you dont work in the city, then midweek dont try and drive in between 6am and 9am. 3 lanes of nose to tail traffic and an expressway the same from about 7am.

ok so we got to the city early, we had the kids in tow as its school holidays. normally a bad idea dues to the waiting around that has to be done, but choice of no choice.

The appointment at the Embassy, yes you need an appointment unless its an emergency, it was for 8.45, but the embassy opens at 8am. i had the thought if we got there early and they were not busy we would get seen sooner. I was right. We waited in line and had to go through one at a time. while waiting a couple got out of a taxi and he was handicapped to some degree. walking not easy and not able to use his left arm so well. The embassy security guy was 2 feet away and yet did not help in any way at all.

When he joined the line to go through security we let him go through. his Thai lady was inside to help him through and i helped from the outside. I am not trying to blow my own trumpet just saying that i helped that to my way of thinking the people from the embassy should have been doing.

Anyway long story short we got done what we needed to and quicker than thought. the staff inside were very helpful to us and even gave the kids some chocolate. Alex now hopes all chocolate will be British stuff rather than the Yank stuff on sale here. Sorry Americans it is not so nice.

While waiting they have BBC World on the TVs. 2 things came up that for some reason or another tickled me somewhat. The first was the Japanese government are offering discounts on funerals for the old who give up driving. the other which i found more amusing is a new public toilet in China has an automated paper dispenser but it gives you the amount of paper it believes correct for the amount you poop!


After we left the Embassy we were pounced upon by the normal translation hawkers. i remembered these from before and has relied upon. This was the most simple and easiest thing of the day. ok so they tried to push their service of getting passports for the kids. having recently re-newed mine i had a reasonable idea of the prices. the price they wanted for the passports was laughable. ok so they take all the effort out of it but charging over double the cost i thought was excessive, but i guess if we had the money we might just use their service just to make it a lot easier for us. Although if during school time i might do it anyway


The next part was Thai legalisation. This is where you get a translation certified correct. this you need to have done before any government office will accept the translation.


This would be an ideal view, but the unit at Changwattana Road, well this would be classed as empty! oh and this is another place you dont want to drive as parking is very very limited. I did 4 circuits of the car park to get lucky and get a space..

Now what was wanted, was a translation of my photo page of my passport to be legalised. I need this to go onto the house register, which my bank have now decided they require. So we waited in line again. when we got there we offered to pay double the fee to get it done same day. this is a normal service. for passports they dont do it no matter what. then then looked at my visa. I was due to collect my new visa the next day, but because they said there was not 10 days on the visa they refused to do the legalisation  Now i am sorry but i could have needed that certified translation for the Royal Thai embassy in London for which the amount of visa would have been completely unimportant. But no they would not even listen to our side of things at all. and i thought Immigration was inflexible.

Time was getting on, but as we had to get this all complete by the end of the month we had no choice but to work on getting this done. So next stop was Immigration at Pathum Thani.


This was the office as was when i first went to it some 7 years ago. now its so very busy there unless you get there first thing in the morning.

Anyway i got there as soon as we could. I went and asked if my visa was ready a day early. yes Rowan i have to wait up to 7 weeks to get my visa from the application. i got lucky and it was ready. waited about 30 minutes to get my stamp and it checked then we were back on our way to the legalisation people again.

Back at Legalisation and we get in line again eventually they accepted our requirements, but still refused to do the fast service. so i waited. got called and payed. no change given. was told to wait more. 20 minutes later i got called and this time i was given the change and told to collect on thursday after noon. this has thrown out our plans for thursday and what we need to get done then and friday too.

We have now changed our plans making things much harder for both Thursday and Friday, but we have no choice as we have so much to do and so little time to do it.

The moral to this story? if in Thailand dont allow things to build up to need being done at the same time. not easy for us with my wife’s work at the hospital. but if you can try and do it bit by bit as its way less stressful.


So until the next one. Keep safe and share this if you think worthy








Odds and ends

Odds and ends

This will be a bit of this and a bit of that each little bit might make sense, but leave you to decide that. 🙂

One thing i have found is that on rare occasions i have needed citified copies of things like my passport and birth certificate. Now although i can get the passport done here at the Bangkok embassy my birth certificate i can not. To get the birth certificate official copy i have to send to the UK and then they send it back, but then it has to be sent to the Royal Thai Embassy in London also to be certified there too. All this before it comes back here to be officially translated and certified as an official translated copy. all this takes a lot of time and money.

Before i left the UK i asked the foreign office if i would need anything special in case  i needed it. i was told that i did not. Well they sure got that wrong. To get insurance through my wife’s hospital i need that birth certificate. As i was adopted i needed a copy of the adoption certificate too. the cost of this really started to mount up. I would suggest to anyone wanting to move here to get copies of passport, birth certificate, adoption certificate (if you have one) and divorce certificates. get one of each and certified by the British offices and the Royal Thai embassy too and take these with you as it will save you time and money. If just coming for a visit i would just get standard passport photocopy and keep it away from your passport. this way if you lose your passport you have a copy to show to the embassy. hopefully you will never need it.


Something a bit more odd now. Before i moved here i looked online to see what i could expect when i visited. one of the stranger things was nose picking. We in the west consider this to be rather dirty and unacceptable especially in public. Thai people do not! basically they use the breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth more than i ever did, but if their nose becomes blocked they feel that its fine to unblock this so they can breathe properly again. Just understand you can not judge things in the same way as you do where you come from.

Another thing i found a bit strange and never thought would happen is that Thais you dont know can and do come up and ask to have a photo taken with you. When i read this my first thought was, Yeah right. Well on my first visit we went to a place and as we pulled into the car park a motorcycle with 2 people on went past, they saw me turned round and come back and asked for a photo. i had my photo taken they said thank you and left. Its never happened again but i think that is because more non Thais are in the country now so people see them more often, but equally dont be surprised if it happens to you


In restaurants dont expect to find beef. Most Thais are Buddhist. Buddhists do not eat beef. This from what i know is because the Buddha before he became the Buddha after becoming enlightened, practised the Hindu faith. They do not eat cows because they are considered sacred. Throughout the Buddhist faith you will find connections to Hinduism. Thus unless you go to a tourist restaurant or a Muslim restaurant you will be hard pressed to find beef.

Diet soda! if you go to tesco lotus or Big C you might, yes that is might find Coke zero or the Pepsi version of the same. if you go to a street vendor, fast food outlet or places like that and you ask for it you will get some pretty strange looks. if you want a diet drink its called water haha or at least that is what they will think.

There are numerous things that we from the west would consider to be odd in what the Thais do, but as we are the ones who do not originate from Thailand it is our behaviour that should be and probably will be considered odd by the Thais.

As i tell my children, we are all brothers and sisters of the world and although we may do things in a different way, believe different things or even have different colour of skin, this does not make people bad just different. Different is just that different not bad. There is good and bad in the world no matter colour of skin, faith or what ever.

Differences of culture or ways to do things can teach us new ways, new things to try. maybe if we opened our eyes and hearts to different things we would do things better or easier, but most importantly maybe we would open our hearts to those that right now we claim to hate for one reason or another, but it faith, football team or what ever

We all have opinions on things and there is nothing wrong with that as long as we are fine to listen to both sides of the story.

This is my opinions and you can agree with them or not that is your choice. it is not to make arguments it is to put voice to what i believe.


ok that is me done for this time so until next time keep safe and well





Thankful in Thailand

Thankful in Thailand

As anon Thai i have things i am thankful for here in Thailand.

Songkran. this is the Thai New Year/water festival. this signifies the start of the new growing season and the start of the up coming rainy season needed for a good rice crop.

DSCF2415 DSCF2422

As you can see from the photos of the wife and I it can be a messy and soggy time over a few days. 8 days in 2017! this happens about the 14th of April every year. 2 pieces of good advice for you all. 1, and most important. try and stay off the roads. local journeys is ok but be careful. long distance should be thought long and hard about. 2 reasons for this. for the sheer volume of traffic that will be on the roads and because of the amount of accidents on the roads.

The second thing is keeping your phone and camera dry. if you take part in this, and you should you are going to get wet. not just a bit, more like a drowned rat, but as its normally very hot then i am always thankful for the festival. Especially as quite a few people put large chunks of ice in the water so it gets good and cold. The water is thrown over anyone taking part and you normally show this by wearing a very bright and flowery shirt.Last year i did have one guy put  a huge piece down my shorts last year. it then went into his shirt. he was so busy laughing at getting me he let his guard down. they will also mix powder and water together and daub this all over people. i sweat through this very quickly.

For older people you pour water over their hands that they put together this is the respectful way. Also during this festival is the cleaning of religious images  like Buddha statues.

During the merry making there is plenty of music and dancing. booze too although the government ask every year for people not to drink during this, but that normally falls on deaf ears.

Because of this year being during the year of mourning for the passing of the king it might make for a more subdued atmosphere, but only time will tell on that front.

Another thing i am thankful for is the Thais tolerance for others. As long as you show them respect then Thais will give it back many fold. What you believe, the colour of your skin, fat, thin or other things dont matter so much to them. OK so my wife’s friends at the hospital where she works, they do worry that i am a bloater, but only on the health side of things. So yes they say about my being fat, but only to be caring.

So many people in other countries are against you because of this or that reason even down to who you vote for or team you support. really what the heck does it matter? its the person inside the skin that is important. so what if they support Southampton or the Yankees as that alone does not mean they are bad people. its about time we all took a leaf out of the Thais book and started to get to know people before we judge them



My wife is someone o am thankful to Thailand for. Who know that a cup of coffee could lead to so much? more on Thai weddings in another blog along with bucket loads of photos.

My wife works hard and has done for more than 20 years at the same hospital in the city. Because of her hard work it allows me to stay at home and look after our 2 children. In itself a hard job, for which i doff my hat to all mothers out there. Always a harder job during the stupid long school holidays, but even then very rewarding.

My wife also works hard to understand me, my ways and humour. Although she is starting to get the latter now to some degrees. There are days when we dont see her because of shift work and naturally as much as we miss her she misses us too. We dont have much in the way of money or luxuries, but as the daughter of a rice farmer she teaches us to be thankful for what we have. Also it is better to have just one gift that has thought and love in it rather than a bucket full that you just throw money at on the hope that it will bring more love and feeling. I was always a spoiled little git when my parents owned the pub. they believed they by buying me loads of things it would make up for not having them around. WRONG!

Alex 2

Thankful for my kids too. they drive me on. even when i feel like poop on toast they inspire me to get up and do things. My kids are strange though. They love going to school. when we arrive at school, and its always early, they want to go to class as soon as possible. Even when the kids are on holiday they want to learn and so i try to teach them what i know. Ok so who said that is not that much. Sodding cheek haha. Recently Lin, my daughter, was one of 400 children trying for just 140 places in an extended English program at a highly thought of school. She said the exam was hard, it lasted 3 hours! but she tried hard as we always ask them both to do. Her hard work got her into the top 21% of entrants in what the school said was a much higher level of ability from the entrants than they have seen before. Proud parents? if not then frankly we should not be parents. it means a hard year coming up with the kids at different schools with a 30+ minute drive apart, but i would do it and will do it for the best for the kids. one day i am sure they will realise what we have done for them right now.


There are many reasons for people to be thankful for here in Thailand, weather staying here or just visiting.

My friend Rowan runs a Vlog channel in YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIOvzQ-GzlblGym6tnRGvGA

He gives a fresh look at different things within the kingdom. between us let us show you what this place is like. Have a good week. Another blog coming soon! no please stop crying. haha




Observations and odities

Observations and odities


Oddities?! Enough about me haha

On the observation front, try this one on for size. Indicators. Ok so not everyone uses them, yes Taxis i am looking at you, but here in Thailand its a bit different. OK so there are people that don’t use them or cant because they don’t work! Then there are those that don’t understand the difference between left and right, as in indicate to go one direction and turn the other way. Always very helpful that one. Also there are the ones that indicate correctly. These are rare as rocking horse poop and not something to rely upon. The last one is those who ride motorcycles who like chirstmas as they leave their indicators on like flashing Christmas lights! Pretty but not very functional

One thing i find very odd is the Thais ability to sleep. Ok so we all sleep, but there are situations that we would find hard to get off to sleep. Not for Thais. Throw a thin wicker mat on the floor, they will lay on it and be off to sleep in a heartbeat.

At our wedding that was held at our house we had a very hard wooden bench seat outside. It was 36 degrees and a lot going one especially with people doing what they were and talking and lets be honest it was not a quiet time, but 2 of the women who had been helping just sat themselves down and dozed off for about an hour. I would not be able to get comfortable enough. I cant sleep in cars or planes or any form of travelling. My wife and the kids? Close their eyes and they are gone. I have to say i envy that one for sure especially on long haul flights.


In the UK romantic novels like Mills and Boon are a big thing. Well here in Thailand there is way more to buy than the whole of the Mills and Boon range! Seriously big thing here and i have even seen women scrambeling for the latest ones when they come out and that was quite funny to watch.

Not for here but for sure everywhere else i have lived there has never been street sellers like here. Here during the day there will be various street sellers come past your home. Selling things from brooms, ice creams, fruit and veg, fried chicken and more. Also you will get recycle people come around too. You stop them and they buy your recycling from you. Ok you don’t get much for it, but better then putting it in a recycle bin and getting sod all for it right? On the down side of it there is those who just by with speakers blaring trying to get you to buy super fast internet or during election time the daily stream of those telling you to vote for their candidate and this can be more than 10 candidates and sometimes more than once a day too!


Roadworks. Now i understand doing a a few miles or kilometres at a time, but here they think nothing of doing 10+ kilometres at a time. This actually makes the roads being worked on much slower, but its their way. Like right now they are now putting electric cables underground. Right now they look like in the photo.IMG_3155-1

bad right? But they know what one is what. Still to put these underground, to make the streets look less of a mess and to help with the sun and heat rotting through the cables causing power outages they are not doing a few hundred meters at a go but a couple of kilometres of pavement/sidewalk dug up at a go. For those who have been here that means more hazards at they tend to be all over the place anyway. No recourse if you trip on uneven pavement, so being careful is needed. Just wished all road and pavement works they would do bit by bit to reduce problems, but thats just me!


Time for an oddity. Yes me!


When David Beckham wore a sarong the world made fun of him. My turn! Ok so sarongs are not seen in the cities but when you go out into the sticks (countryside) you will see some. My father in law gave me one and the family were happy when i wore it around the farm. Guys i say this to you. You might feel wearing a skirt, even a man skirt is very unmanly, well unless you are Scottish that is. Don’t think of it that way, just know when the weather is hot the cooling effect around your bits is worth it. After all its not much different from wrapping a towel around your waist after going swimming. Ok i would not walk down the street in one, but i do my work around the house and outside my house in it. I get smiles when wearing it but when a Thai smiles at you its a good thing. I get plenty when i try speaking what little i know.


Final one for today is mobile phone shops. When you go to the mall or other places you will find for the most part at least, that all the mobile phone shops and stalls are together. At our local mall of Zeer there is about 30 mobile phone outlets all together. There prices are all about the same. A lot of them sell second user phones too as long as they are in a good condition with box and cables and all the stuff. This means you can shop round to look for exactly what you want. To a degree you are also in the driving seat for things like a screen protecting cover for free, case at a discount too, but when doing it smile and be friendly and patient as rushing about is not what you will be seeing.

Hope you liked that one. Remember any questions or suggestions for blogs just drop me a comment and we are good