About Me

I am a 52 year old and counting.

British, well English after all to be British i would have to be born in several countries at the same time and to my knowledge that is not possible. Please feel free to correct me if i am wrong.

I have lived here in Thailand since 2011, and i work as a say at home dad of 2. The best of jobs, worst or jobs and for sure the hardest of jobs. I take my hat off to all mothers out there for doing this hard job on top of all else that they do. Respect

I was born in Newbury, Berkshire in England. Yes home of the bypass. A joke for all of those old enough to remember all the fun there.

I am a fan of some sports,

England rugby

Portsmouth Football Club

Boston Red Sox

New England Patriots

I am not a glory chasing sports fan just look at Portsmouth’s recent history to see that. And i have been following them for 41 years!

I like good tv. Documentaries, drama, quizzes comedies, but having said that not a big film fan. Seen too many bad films down the years to bother with others. Maybe watch 4 to 6 a year and it really has to appeal to me.

I don’t smoke, well unless you set me on fire, i no longer drink as i was a bit of an idiot in the past and i don’t do drugs, well unless you include coffee?

If you have any questions about me please feel free to ask away! You might get a direct reply or your answer could appear in a future blog

.I have a facebook group if you are interested in joining. you can leave comments, ask questions and even make suggestions for future blogs. free to join and all that haha