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First of all let me congratulate Portsmouth FC on their winning of the division 2 Championship. It might have been down to the wire, but you did it and in front of the perspective buyer too! Quality!

Ok so this is an update to my first blog about Michael Eisner and the Pompey take over.

Since the last blog about this i have been reading, listening and watching all i can on this from here in Thailand.

One of the things i like, is that he and his family and the group and prepared to outline to the fans their ideals for taking over the club and moving it forward. As fans in the club no matter how we feel about the take over, we at least like that we are not being kept in the dark and being fed crap like mushrooms.

IN the Q and A at the guildhall he was honest enough say that he understood that some fans would not want or like the take over and if this was the case to vote no.

With him having been to a small number of matches now he has gotten the idea of what our fan base is like and how passionate we are about our club. i think it was because of this that they felt it was the right idea to open up and be honest and clear about what they have outlined for the take over for the club

Another thing i liked was that he was honest enough to say that right now not all the plans were in place. OK so he has said what he will pay for the club. what he will invest in the club too, but other than that? hints that investments to expand Fratton park and or build a new stadium as and when the time was right, but to try and do this in a sustainable way or as much that way as is possible in this day and age. He did make it clear that he is not just going to throw money at the club like confetti and hope for the best.  They realise that the club needs to be nurtured like an acorn of the mighty oak as used in the building of HMS Victory, one day it will grow to be big and strong, but this does not happen overnight.

So for that i feel that he is understanding about the club and fans and the future.

They also said about it being about all aspects of the club from the academy through to the community program this is all good.

OK so they say that they have looked into the history of the club and from the sounds of things they have done that, but i would like to know how much they have looked into the history of the city. Only us Pompey fans realise that when you love Pompey you love the city and its history. the two go together like a Pompey fan and their Pompey shirt. and i am sure some of you actually have your shirts tattooed on or had a surgeon attach it permanently. HAHA  I know i would wear mine morning noon and night if given a chance.

The Eisner family for me is the right way to go. Now, i have  been watching and reading social media to see what people are saying about the potential take over. Most people are being favourable towards the bid and some naturally are a bit cautious about it and i get that. I am sure i am not the only one who is a bit at least a bit nervous about what could happen if the take over is voted through, but then to be honest we should feel that way about any or all take over bids. We have been bitten bad by previous owners, so now when a new potential one comes along we should listen but at the same time not be completely suckered  in.

Having said that i am not the same as the haters out there. its lucky there is very few of them, but what they are saying is beyond reasonable. I went through the tweets of one. He, and i will keep him nameless, was saying in his tweets that If the take over goes through then he will be looking for a new club, but also said that the money from the Eisners would be well needed and used. I thought that he should make his mind up. you either want their money and to move forward or you dont want them at all.

The choice is down to the limited few of Pompey fans and we that dont have a vote must trust them to do the right thing.

One thing i dont appreciate is those shareholders who are intent to belittle those who for what ever reason could not afford to buy any shares. Everyone who  put anything into the collections or absolutely anything in a positive to help the trust to get and save the club.   Everyone did their bit to save “OUR CLUB”.

To sum up i think the Eisner family would be a great addition to the Pompey family. if it happens, then maybe we need to show them not just how important the club is to us but the city too, from HMS Victory to the traffic jams getting into the city at the start of the work day and again at the end of the day going home again. Its all a part of the whole that is Pompey








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