My earlier school years

This blog is inspired by an old friend, who i lost contact with some 40 years ago. After having invited me to join a Facebook group about my early schools, memories have come flooding back, well as much as they will to this old git. HAHA

My second school was Emmer Green Primary.  During my school life i was never a fan of either school life or teachers, but from this school came 2 of my 3 favourite teachers in Mr Edwards and preceding him Mrs Davis.

While at this school i made some friends, got a punch in the mouth a couple of times, once from a now friend, oh and it was a good shot, split my lip and everything! and i had my first ever crush, but more about her in a minute.

A couple of things i remember from the school were these. firstly we were called down and plonked in front of a tv to see concord fly. it was deemed very special, having seen it we then had to make balsa wood gliders to look like it. The other thing was Mr Edwards. not the normal good morning sir or anything like that when he called your name out. Each one of us had to say good morning in a different language. To this day i can still say good morning or hello in about 12 different languages from back then. As we were class 2 he always used to make us use a motto  “Second to none”. i think this was to make us feel like we were as good as class 1.

OK so my crush. She was in the year above me. A very pretty young lady and my day was made when i would see her. Problem? i was so painfully shy i could not speak to her. i mean not even to say hello. Still my day was the best ever when i saw her. I think she sort of knew as she would always give me a smile, at which point i would pretty much dissolve into nothing. Her name? Sally Smart.

In later life around the age of 19, i worked in my dad’s pub. She came into the pub with her parents some times and on a New Years eve, well day as the chimes of midnight had just sounded she called me to the side of the bar. She gave me a kiss and wished me a Happy new year. I wished her the same. to this day i remember it like it happened just now. I was happy, felt sick, elated, shy, embarrassed, jelly legged and wanted it to happen all over again. That was the last time i saw her as not long after i left working for my dad and his evil second wife. I dont know what happened to Sally and often wonder where she is now. thing is if we were friends now could i talk to her yet? or why the shyness kick in again? dont know for sure, but i would love to find out.  If anyone could put us in contact again i would be grateful.


Anyway when i moved onto secondary school, Highdown, Sally had gone to another school. But i tried my best. Some of my friends from Emmer green went there too, but most were in different classes. I was bullied here not just by a couple of kids, but by the sports teachers to a degree too. I am sure they thought they were just trying to stop me being fat, but there is a big difference from encouragement and bullying.

During my time at this school i started to really bond with my friends. I dont want to name names as i dont want anyone to feel different after reading this.

With some of these friends i went to see my first film without my dad. not that he ever watched them just slept through them just to keep me happy to say i had seen the film. But then came Star Wars! so a small group of us went together to the Odeon  cinema to see it. something like the 13th week it had been on. This for me was a game changer, not the film as such although its still a great film but because of the first time i saw it was the first time i had done something like that as a group of friends. Guys you know who you were and i thank you for that life experience. It is still very dear to me all these years on.

A problem was soon to happen. my parents had been fighting and it was getting worse. To the point that i came home from school and was basically told to get into the car we were going. We had a house on Hayling Island to go to. i remember saying “but what about my friends?” i was told i would make new ones. i did not want new ones just to keep in contact with the old ones. This loss of contact with them haunted me throughout my life.

In 2016, one of them sent me a friend request on Facebook. to say that it was a bolt from the blue is an understatement. What made it all the more strange is that he was Facebook friends with my cousin Paula! This started a chain reaction and for a while a steady flow of my old friends and memories came back to me.

I find it shameful on my behalf that my memories of them are not more and some i only just about remember the names. surprise there as i am rubbish at remembering names haha. I have to say that when they came back into my life i did get rather emotional to the point of crying myself to sleep a couple of times.

Recently Jamie invited me to join his Facebook group that looked back at these school years. remembering a couple of names more from the past and seeing some of the old photos. memories and i thank you all for allowing me to be a part of them again.


Over the years as we all do i have made other friends, some good some bad and some…. (no dont fill in the blank) haha I dont have many friends that i can or do call good friends and maybe i dont talk with them enough, but believe me i can and love you all, yes the guys too. A lot of you have gotten me through tough times, even if you did not know you were doing it. My battles have been tough and at times can still be difficult, but a simple “Hi hows you?” well it can make a huge difference. I say again, I Love You All!



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