Thailand, officials and Ferang (non Thais)

Having recently had to deal with several different government offices here in Thailand, i wish to share what i have found.

Recently my bank changed their rules and now require me to be on the home registration. 2 years ago we tried this and i needed a certified copy of my birth certificate. according to them and the translation people back then i can get this at the British Embassy in Bangkok. This is completely wrong. for a certified copy you have to send to the UK. then when it comes back you then have to send it to the Royal Thai Embassy in London, although the British government nor the Royal Thai Embassy in London will tell me as to why, after all it has to be translated here and then legalised to prove the translation is correct. Oh and when you send these things to the UK you MUST! send by DHL or people like that. so to get an official copy of a birth certificate will end up costing around £100 despite me having the original including my adoption certificate here with me. I did ask the foreign office before i moved here if i would need it and was told no.

So this time before going to try again to get me on the house register, my Thai wife phoned their call centre help line. they said we only need a translated official copy of my passport. We did this and along with 2 witnesses we went to the government office to get me on the home register. the thing being as we have found out before. is that ALL! Thai government offices do things their own way. they dont give a crap what central government say they will do things their own way. Yes again they asked for the Birth certificate copy. we still dont have one as really there is no benefit to being on the Thai home registration. The boss man there relented a little and said as long as we had a translation of the certificate it was ok.

So off we went to get this done. when we got to the legalisation centre which is the closest place to get translations, more problems arose. first the translation people would not do it because we did not need it legalised. ever think they are getting kick backs? then we found 2 companies that would do it but because it has to be an official copy they would not do it, but i can get a copy from the British embassy in Bangkok. I explained that this is a service they have not done for 3 years. for this i was called a liar! Anyway eventually someone did do us the copy and back off to the local government office we went.

Back at the office we waited in line again. eventually it was our turn. we handed over the translated birth certificate. We were then told the boss will have to deal with it because its not an official copy nor legalised, even though he said that was ok. we have now been told that rather than done on the day we now have to wait up to a month! What gets my goat most of all? Thais dont need a birth certificate as my wife does not have one!

It is not just local government offices that change from one to another its also places like Immigration offices. now to me this one should be standardised. it should be the same for everyone needing a visa, but far from it.

I know a South African man who is on the same spouse visa as me. ok so they dont have kids yet, but all the same. they need half the paperwork that i need, half the photos i have to supply, and on the day they apply they get the visa. with me i have to wait to get mine for 6 to 8 weeks! As do all who get visas at the office i use unless they are retired which is a different visa here and is double the money in the bank that you cant touch in any way shape or form.

It is said that Thais love Ferang (non Thais) Oh they do or at least your money. they perceive that if you are European or American or an Anzac they you are beyond loaded. The moment that they know you dont have money most wont even give you the time of day, unless you are ok being regarded or treated as the lowest of the low.

Prime example. my neighbour starts playing loud music at 5am every day while he getting ready to go and sell food. my wife said to him about it and all we got was a load of verbal abuse. but if during the day while walking on the treadmill i put some music on just loud enough for me to hear while walking, he will come round and get really crappy again. so as far as he is concerned as long as i sit inside and do nothing i am welcome here, but otherwise go back to where i come from. Thais can be just as racist as others in other countries.

Think that is a one off? i can give you dozens of other incidents not just with me but with a few other ferang i know. Basically no money no interest so go home.

It is perceived that Thais and in particular Thai Buddhists dont tell lies. OK i agree some dont, but most do!


Sorry this is not an upbeat blog, but i dont sugar coat things like i ask anyone who comments also not to do, but then frankly as very few do comment hardly worth saying. Thank goodness i write this for me and not for anything else. People also seem to forget that this blog site tells me when people read the blogs and what country they are in, so dont be telling me you have read it if you have not, but remember i dont care if you do or not. If you did, and by putting this at the bottom i know who has, if you did thank you.

Will there be another blog? Who knows or cares?






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