This will be a bit of this and a bit of that each little bit might make sense, but leave you to decide that. 🙂

One thing i have found is that on rare occasions i have needed citified copies of things like my passport and birth certificate. Now although i can get the passport done here at the Bangkok embassy my birth certificate i can not. To get the birth certificate official copy i have to send to the UK and then they send it back, but then it has to be sent to the Royal Thai Embassy in London also to be certified there too. All this before it comes back here to be officially translated and certified as an official translated copy. all this takes a lot of time and money.

Before i left the UK i asked the foreign office if i would need anything special in case  i needed it. i was told that i did not. Well they sure got that wrong. To get insurance through my wife’s hospital i need that birth certificate. As i was adopted i needed a copy of the adoption certificate too. the cost of this really started to mount up. I would suggest to anyone wanting to move here to get copies of passport, birth certificate, adoption certificate (if you have one) and divorce certificates. get one of each and certified by the British offices and the Royal Thai embassy too and take these with you as it will save you time and money. If just coming for a visit i would just get standard passport photocopy and keep it away from your passport. this way if you lose your passport you have a copy to show to the embassy. hopefully you will never need it.


Something a bit more odd now. Before i moved here i looked online to see what i could expect when i visited. one of the stranger things was nose picking. We in the west consider this to be rather dirty and unacceptable especially in public. Thai people do not! basically they use the breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth more than i ever did, but if their nose becomes blocked they feel that its fine to unblock this so they can breathe properly again. Just understand you can not judge things in the same way as you do where you come from.

Another thing i found a bit strange and never thought would happen is that Thais you dont know can and do come up and ask to have a photo taken with you. When i read this my first thought was, Yeah right. Well on my first visit we went to a place and as we pulled into the car park a motorcycle with 2 people on went past, they saw me turned round and come back and asked for a photo. i had my photo taken they said thank you and left. Its never happened again but i think that is because more non Thais are in the country now so people see them more often, but equally dont be surprised if it happens to you


In restaurants dont expect to find beef. Most Thais are Buddhist. Buddhists do not eat beef. This from what i know is because the Buddha before he became the Buddha after becoming enlightened, practised the Hindu faith. They do not eat cows because they are considered sacred. Throughout the Buddhist faith you will find connections to Hinduism. Thus unless you go to a tourist restaurant or a Muslim restaurant you will be hard pressed to find beef.

Diet soda! if you go to tesco lotus or Big C you might, yes that is might find Coke zero or the Pepsi version of the same. if you go to a street vendor, fast food outlet or places like that and you ask for it you will get some pretty strange looks. if you want a diet drink its called water haha or at least that is what they will think.

There are numerous things that we from the west would consider to be odd in what the Thais do, but as we are the ones who do not originate from Thailand it is our behaviour that should be and probably will be considered odd by the Thais.

As i tell my children, we are all brothers and sisters of the world and although we may do things in a different way, believe different things or even have different colour of skin, this does not make people bad just different. Different is just that different not bad. There is good and bad in the world no matter colour of skin, faith or what ever.

Differences of culture or ways to do things can teach us new ways, new things to try. maybe if we opened our eyes and hearts to different things we would do things better or easier, but most importantly maybe we would open our hearts to those that right now we claim to hate for one reason or another, but it faith, football team or what ever

We all have opinions on things and there is nothing wrong with that as long as we are fine to listen to both sides of the story.

This is my opinions and you can agree with them or not that is your choice. it is not to make arguments it is to put voice to what i believe.


ok that is me done for this time so until next time keep safe and well






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