As anon Thai i have things i am thankful for here in Thailand.

Songkran. this is the Thai New Year/water festival. this signifies the start of the new growing season and the start of the up coming rainy season needed for a good rice crop.

DSCF2415 DSCF2422

As you can see from the photos of the wife and I it can be a messy and soggy time over a few days. 8 days in 2017! this happens about the 14th of April every year. 2 pieces of good advice for you all. 1, and most important. try and stay off the roads. local journeys is ok but be careful. long distance should be thought long and hard about. 2 reasons for this. for the sheer volume of traffic that will be on the roads and because of the amount of accidents on the roads.

The second thing is keeping your phone and camera dry. if you take part in this, and you should you are going to get wet. not just a bit, more like a drowned rat, but as its normally very hot then i am always thankful for the festival. Especially as quite a few people put large chunks of ice in the water so it gets good and cold. The water is thrown over anyone taking part and you normally show this by wearing a very bright and flowery shirt.Last year i did have one guy put  a huge piece down my shorts last year. it then went into his shirt. he was so busy laughing at getting me he let his guard down. they will also mix powder and water together and daub this all over people. i sweat through this very quickly.

For older people you pour water over their hands that they put together this is the respectful way. Also during this festival is the cleaning of religious images  like Buddha statues.

During the merry making there is plenty of music and dancing. booze too although the government ask every year for people not to drink during this, but that normally falls on deaf ears.

Because of this year being during the year of mourning for the passing of the king it might make for a more subdued atmosphere, but only time will tell on that front.

Another thing i am thankful for is the Thais tolerance for others. As long as you show them respect then Thais will give it back many fold. What you believe, the colour of your skin, fat, thin or other things dont matter so much to them. OK so my wife’s friends at the hospital where she works, they do worry that i am a bloater, but only on the health side of things. So yes they say about my being fat, but only to be caring.

So many people in other countries are against you because of this or that reason even down to who you vote for or team you support. really what the heck does it matter? its the person inside the skin that is important. so what if they support Southampton or the Yankees as that alone does not mean they are bad people. its about time we all took a leaf out of the Thais book and started to get to know people before we judge them



My wife is someone o am thankful to Thailand for. Who know that a cup of coffee could lead to so much? more on Thai weddings in another blog along with bucket loads of photos.

My wife works hard and has done for more than 20 years at the same hospital in the city. Because of her hard work it allows me to stay at home and look after our 2 children. In itself a hard job, for which i doff my hat to all mothers out there. Always a harder job during the stupid long school holidays, but even then very rewarding.

My wife also works hard to understand me, my ways and humour. Although she is starting to get the latter now to some degrees. There are days when we dont see her because of shift work and naturally as much as we miss her she misses us too. We dont have much in the way of money or luxuries, but as the daughter of a rice farmer she teaches us to be thankful for what we have. Also it is better to have just one gift that has thought and love in it rather than a bucket full that you just throw money at on the hope that it will bring more love and feeling. I was always a spoiled little git when my parents owned the pub. they believed they by buying me loads of things it would make up for not having them around. WRONG!

Alex 2

Thankful for my kids too. they drive me on. even when i feel like poop on toast they inspire me to get up and do things. My kids are strange though. They love going to school. when we arrive at school, and its always early, they want to go to class as soon as possible. Even when the kids are on holiday they want to learn and so i try to teach them what i know. Ok so who said that is not that much. Sodding cheek haha. Recently Lin, my daughter, was one of 400 children trying for just 140 places in an extended English program at a highly thought of school. She said the exam was hard, it lasted 3 hours! but she tried hard as we always ask them both to do. Her hard work got her into the top 21% of entrants in what the school said was a much higher level of ability from the entrants than they have seen before. Proud parents? if not then frankly we should not be parents. it means a hard year coming up with the kids at different schools with a 30+ minute drive apart, but i would do it and will do it for the best for the kids. one day i am sure they will realise what we have done for them right now.


There are many reasons for people to be thankful for here in Thailand, weather staying here or just visiting.

My friend Rowan runs a Vlog channel in YouTube

He gives a fresh look at different things within the kingdom. between us let us show you what this place is like. Have a good week. Another blog coming soon! no please stop crying. haha





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