Oddities?! Enough about me haha

On the observation front, try this one on for size. Indicators. Ok so not everyone uses them, yes Taxis i am looking at you, but here in Thailand its a bit different. OK so there are people that don’t use them or cant because they don’t work! Then there are those that don’t understand the difference between left and right, as in indicate to go one direction and turn the other way. Always very helpful that one. Also there are the ones that indicate correctly. These are rare as rocking horse poop and not something to rely upon. The last one is those who ride motorcycles who like chirstmas as they leave their indicators on like flashing Christmas lights! Pretty but not very functional

One thing i find very odd is the Thais ability to sleep. Ok so we all sleep, but there are situations that we would find hard to get off to sleep. Not for Thais. Throw a thin wicker mat on the floor, they will lay on it and be off to sleep in a heartbeat.

At our wedding that was held at our house we had a very hard wooden bench seat outside. It was 36 degrees and a lot going one especially with people doing what they were and talking and lets be honest it was not a quiet time, but 2 of the women who had been helping just sat themselves down and dozed off for about an hour. I would not be able to get comfortable enough. I cant sleep in cars or planes or any form of travelling. My wife and the kids? Close their eyes and they are gone. I have to say i envy that one for sure especially on long haul flights.


In the UK romantic novels like Mills and Boon are a big thing. Well here in Thailand there is way more to buy than the whole of the Mills and Boon range! Seriously big thing here and i have even seen women scrambeling for the latest ones when they come out and that was quite funny to watch.

Not for here but for sure everywhere else i have lived there has never been street sellers like here. Here during the day there will be various street sellers come past your home. Selling things from brooms, ice creams, fruit and veg, fried chicken and more. Also you will get recycle people come around too. You stop them and they buy your recycling from you. Ok you don’t get much for it, but better then putting it in a recycle bin and getting sod all for it right? On the down side of it there is those who just by with speakers blaring trying to get you to buy super fast internet or during election time the daily stream of those telling you to vote for their candidate and this can be more than 10 candidates and sometimes more than once a day too!


Roadworks. Now i understand doing a a few miles or kilometres at a time, but here they think nothing of doing 10+ kilometres at a time. This actually makes the roads being worked on much slower, but its their way. Like right now they are now putting electric cables underground. Right now they look like in the photo.IMG_3155-1

bad right? But they know what one is what. Still to put these underground, to make the streets look less of a mess and to help with the sun and heat rotting through the cables causing power outages they are not doing a few hundred meters at a go but a couple of kilometres of pavement/sidewalk dug up at a go. For those who have been here that means more hazards at they tend to be all over the place anyway. No recourse if you trip on uneven pavement, so being careful is needed. Just wished all road and pavement works they would do bit by bit to reduce problems, but thats just me!


Time for an oddity. Yes me!


When David Beckham wore a sarong the world made fun of him. My turn! Ok so sarongs are not seen in the cities but when you go out into the sticks (countryside) you will see some. My father in law gave me one and the family were happy when i wore it around the farm. Guys i say this to you. You might feel wearing a skirt, even a man skirt is very unmanly, well unless you are Scottish that is. Don’t think of it that way, just know when the weather is hot the cooling effect around your bits is worth it. After all its not much different from wrapping a towel around your waist after going swimming. Ok i would not walk down the street in one, but i do my work around the house and outside my house in it. I get smiles when wearing it but when a Thai smiles at you its a good thing. I get plenty when i try speaking what little i know.


Final one for today is mobile phone shops. When you go to the mall or other places you will find for the most part at least, that all the mobile phone shops and stalls are together. At our local mall of Zeer there is about 30 mobile phone outlets all together. There prices are all about the same. A lot of them sell second user phones too as long as they are in a good condition with box and cables and all the stuff. This means you can shop round to look for exactly what you want. To a degree you are also in the driving seat for things like a screen protecting cover for free, case at a discount too, but when doing it smile and be friendly and patient as rushing about is not what you will be seeing.

Hope you liked that one. Remember any questions or suggestions for blogs just drop me a comment and we are good


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