Me the whole me and nothing but the me, well maybe

Ok so you read the about me right? What do you mean no? haha
So as you will see from the start i am a haha and not a LOL. i know some of the older ones like my mother are not sure on the LOL so i try and make it easy for them. Well they have been around a long time right? haha
I am English, but with now living in Thailand i have actually lived in 3 countries. England, America and now Thailand for the past nearly 6 years
England mainly living my early years in Reading, then the Portsmouth area, throw in a Salisbury time and a Morecambe for good measure. good measure or to make your head spin?
When in America i lived in between Buffalo and Niagara falls in upstate New York. despite all the snow and ice in the winter i enjoyed it there
Then in September 2011 i moved here to Thailand, to be with my Wife and daughter of 9 months.
My Wife had neglected to inform me before i got here that at the time Thailand was to say the least rather wet.  More about that in a future blog.
Recently at Immigration when applying to renew my spouse visa we were asked as to why during my time in Thailand did i have no exit stamps in my passport. I made them laugh when i said that if they could give me a perfect reason to leave here then i would get that stamp, well that and the money to do so. haha
When i came here it was to be a stay at home dad of my daughter Kaitlin (Lin Lin), nearly a year later that became an Alex too!
I have to say i thought being a stay at home dad would be easy. Its safe to say i very much underestimated what was coming my way. I remember the first night my wife went to work and left me with Lin. now please understand that she did not understand who i was having not seen me for 9 months. I looked different to people she saw, i sounded different and probably even smelled different too. Naturally she wanted Mummy, but only had daddy who did not know the tricks of the trade to get her to sleep. She cried for 3 hours straight before she eventually went off to sleep.
The next night i thought i knew the trick. Man i am just so stupid! the thing that worked the night before failed completely. Still she only cried for 2 hours that night so must have got something right i guess haha.
over the coming days and weeks we got to know each other and things got better. i have to say i learnt many things that i employed when Alex came along. did it make things easier? Nope! remember the old saying that no 2 kids are the same. My 2 can be very chalk and cheese.

It is these experiences that gave me a new found extra respect for mothers the world over. They do a very hard job looking after the little ones on top of the other jobs they do as well. Even 6 years on it dont get any easier!
I am not a person who has many friends. This is a choice. over the years i have had people that i have considered friend, only for them to let me down in one way or another.
a prime thing with me is when friends say they will help you with something, or go somewhere together on an arranged date and time and then nothing. Come on! in this day and age of mobile communications even a text to say cant is all thats needed. If you dont want to or cant just let me know i am fine, but to just not show up is insulting to me and says you dont give a crap about me or the friendship. do this a couple of times and their aint no way back as i no longer trust you. Sorry but that is who i am. I just ask you not to make promises you can not or will not keep.
Hobbies: i have children, get real! haha I like to read, and although not goo at them i like to play some games on the computer. I am not good at games thus i dont claim to be actually i am rubbish.
I like to write too. This is my outlet a way to unload most of the time without saying what i am trying to get rid of. I tried blogging a while back and people seemed to like it, but then i got trolled by someone i thought of as friend and his cohorts so i gave up.
I do have a deeper side, that some can and will consider a darker side. I do at times but less so at others. I will go into this more at a later stage but now is not the right time in my eyes.
When it comes to my blogs i dont claim to be fantastic or even that good at English, i just do it because i enjoy it and hope that some others do too. If you are going to leave a comment i ask one thing, Please dont candy coat things. if you dont like it tell me i am fine with it. Honesty is way more my thing, than people telling me what they think i want to hear.
My blogs should come quite regularly to the point that i have the next one in the bag and almost finished the one after. if there is anything you want to know ask and either i will answer you direct or blog about it soon after. you are as much in control to what i write, subject wise, as i am.
ok coffee time!

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